Montanha Pico Festival

MiratecArts Galeria Costa, Pico Island, Miratec Village, Azores, 03.01.19 – 29.01.19



Land Art Object and Performance

Part of the festival program "PEDRARTE" in January 2019 focus on  artiests who will create art works in the open air gallery. The work may include among others Land -Art, performance or sound

The first part of my project Reflections is a Land Art object which reflects in a metaphorical and symbolic way the island of Pico, the neigbouring island Faial, the dominat Pico vulcano and how the sea, the land, the rocks are connceted to each other. The second part project is a live performance which I will performe on Sunday 13th of January at 15.00 h. at the open air gallery

Material: stone, rope, iron, wood. -  Photos : Johannes Gerard / Goncalo Cruz