Most of the video works  are short audio-visual essays that incorporate the moving image, musical elements and textual insertions. The laconic and almost wordless stories that develop on the screen are narrated by a traveler undertaking a life-long journey. They often combine cityscapes, studio shots and choreographic/theatrical scenes involving models and sometimes the artist himself. In many of the works one can feel a considerable influence of the Eastern cultural tradition. Several video works included footage from earlier works, which is connected to the ‘ongoing’ strategy of the artistic creation. This approach implies re-using materials from previous projects and producing new bodies of work based on re-arranging and re-thinking past experiences from a new perspective.  The subjects of the videos are the same as by the work from other disciplines: identity, relations (between humans, human – cultures, human- nature and locations), sexual issues,  transition, boundaries, lost, loneliness, inner strife, time, destruction, death. 

The next two pages presenting a selection of video works.