Video works not related to a hybrid project or a performance

Many of the hybrid projects and performance projects contain video works. But there are also a number of videos that are independent and individual works and are not associated with any projects

Most of the video works are short audio-visual essays that incorporate the moving image, sound elements and textual insertions. The laconic and almost wordless stories that develop on the screen are narrated by a traveler undertaking a life-long journey. They often combine urban, rural, nature, studio shots and choreographic/theatrical scenes involving performers and sometimes the artist himself. In some of the works one can feel a considerable influence of the Eastern cultural tradition that is visible both in the graceful human plastics, the soft camera motion and the harmonic transitions from one image to another. Several video piece includes footage from earlier works, which is connected to the ‘ongoing’ strategy of the artistic creation. This approach implies re-using materials from previous projects and producing new bodies of work based on re-arranging and re-thinking past experiences from a new perspective. 

Selection of video works 

steadily flowing...steadily moving


The work reflects contrasting thoughts. On the one hand about the more general points of view and on the other hand from a very personal point of view related to me Water symbolizes life, the purest form of nourishment, and is the element that holds everything together in nature. Water stands for purity, clarity and meditation. Water can be uncontrollable, menacing, devastating, and deadly. But to me, deep down, water symbolizes two metaphors. Water can reflect an unreachable horizon in the distance. For the menace and loneliness of a troubled mind that can no longer find peace

V like Venus


Experimental art video with Maria Sizova. It is a mix of alienation, metaphoric illusion, mythic identity and classical myths. Therefore the work is containing more then just one interpretation. In the video appear two performers (female and male) , but performing on two different levels and dimensions. But nevertheless there are related to each other.



The work goes about the return and to be back to a point or situation in our lives. and how it can affect us in our lonely inner strife . Did we come voluntary or we were forced to return .It's all the same or did things changed and nothing is as it was before. Trying to pick up life and restart again. Memories can be come overwhelming. Finally to become isolated in our thoughts and memories. We leaving a situation or place and maybe we never return physical but our thoughts and mental state will return and bring us back.

parallel universes


A vision of a mysterious place where an unknown processes occur. It's a creation of matter in unexpected spaces. A fantastical look into what makes up all matter in existence. A glance upon the beginnings of life in the cold, dark void. Is a vision, a dream or a real universe in another dimension ? About the Work: The work combines animation, sound and music fragments. These three elements finally form a unit and result in an overall picture. The animation builds and follows the tones of sound and the music fragments. Animation and sound was created by Johannes C. Gerard. The music fragments are from the piece Dream composed by Chan Wei Fat (HK)

Neither Here -  Nor there


Created for the Transmission II exposition with the theme  Home at the Museum for Nonconformist Art, St. Petersburg, Russia 


Neither Here — Nor There is based on scenes, motives and performance elements recorded at three different locations: St. Petersburg in Russia, Tapei in Taiwan and Narail in Bangladesh. Despite the geographical distance, these places form a single imaginary space that Johannes Gérard feels deeply attached to. Thus the artist finds himself in a home-like situation of acceptance and calmness beyond a particular physical location, but in a social, cultural and spiritual environment that he experiences. 

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