Between January 17th and 21st, 2022, I took part in the Acoustic Interiors project in The Hague, Netherlands 

The topic and medium of this project is actually an area that I have paid very little attention to and have never worked on as an independent discipline. For me, sound has always been associated with my video work and I have not treated as an independent medium until now. This was partly due to my irreparable hearing damage. However I was up to try something new and to experiment with the medium sound. 

Participation in this project led me to the decision to continue working with the medium of sound, at least for a longer period of time. To experiment with it and to find out if this medium is suitable for me. In short, if I can develop further in this discipline andif it adds something new to my future work.

Voices in my Head




Dialogue with a building                     the HEALING

I had planned first to perform my performance with audio elements "Dialogue" which is based on a totally different concept. However when I saw the building for the first time in the morning I changed my idea and concept for my performance in the afternoon. For two reasons first the opportunities the building offers, the second was the performance I had planned would be very difficult to present in this building. Finally I decided to go into a dialogue with the building by creating sound and noise elements which became elementary part  within in the performance 

Healing is not always painless, can be complex and slow. There can also be setbacks. In 2022 we might be in a stage where we long for healing but also have to ask ourselves has the healing process even started or do we subconsciously not want any healing in the end.

The work focus on the individual in a stage of a desired healing process apart from a group or any social environment. it’s not so much a healing of a troubled body, but the healing of a trouble mind and heart in an eventful epoch were the healing process of a mentally troubled society and troubled social environments is yet not visible. Healing starts from some one itself