Troubled Mind

The world and social environment as I see and feel it. A journey into inner turmoil. A world to be doomed. The voices only I can hear, the visions only I can see, so is your mind on a lonely bumpy ride to utter madness. Your soul far from the loneliness and menace of the world and your insanely troubled mind that can no longer find peace

The work focuses on an unseen and non visible issue. The theme and sounds are based and relate to the voices and sounds I've been hearing in my head almost constantly for many years. Caused by medical and mental issues. It's a simple attempt of a field trip into my head and to approach sound and noise from another level and place. Under certain circumstances, the sounds and voices in my head are able to create a temporary space in which things behave, act and interact differently, disobeying normal daily rules. My everyday environment becomes a ritual space in which dualism's and taken for granted daily matters suddenly collapse, turn upside-down, intersect, resonate with each other: presence-absence, true-false, matter-imagination, perception-hallucination.

Selection from the I can not see portfolio

the luminous path of a troubled mind                                                the HEALING