Xposed - Naked and Not Afraid

My photographic work By the Lake  from the A State of Bared portfolio is presented in the exhibition 


“Xposed - Naked and Not Afraid”.

04.07.2020 – 25.07.2020

Knox Contemporary Gallery of Art

B03-Main Hall, Eau Claire Market, Barclay Parade, Calgary, Alberta, Canada


The Knox Contemporary Gallery of Art has brought together an eclectic array of contemporary art from artists around the world that Celebrates And Explores The Human Figure, Sexuality & Identity in it’s exhibition “Xposed - Naked and Not Afraid”.

OMVA 2020 One Minute Video Art 

My video work BLACK with Alena Chernova is included at

OMVA 2020 One Minute Video Art by Artpro – art initiative - 15.06.2020 – 30.06.2020, Dhaka, Bangladesh

The video exhibition wishes to raise questions on how the lockdown is being perceived and how has Covid-19 affected life, not only for humans but for the whole planet. The pandemic has restricted people’s freedoms and forced strict social distancing rules around the globe and has highlighted many issues that have long gone ignored. People and countries in the most precarious positions have been the first to suffer from these restrictions and ongoing socio-economic inequalities are at the heart of this issue. Nevertheless, the world is also in reverse, people are in lockdown, while many animals are venturing back into the spaces that were once theirs, pollution is at an all-time low and earth is taking a breath of fresh air.

ARt in CORONA times 

Curated by 60 seconds Festival/ Ada Ortega Camera. The videos are selected from 60 Seconds Festival entrances, collaborations and other projects. My video COCOON II is part of the video series. Beside an online presentation the epidemic video series will be projected on a daily basis at :

Biblioteket Frederiksberg, Falkoner Plads 3, 2000 Frederiksberg, Denmark / 29.05.20 – 30.06.20  / 10.00 h – 13.00 h daily



29.05.2020 – 20.06.2020


Argyroupoleos 16, Lycabettus , Athens , Greece

Mon, Thu, Fri, 17.00 – 21.00 / Sat. 11.00 – 15.00


HERBARIUM exhibited 59 visual artists with print works of various techniques from countries such as Turkey, Belgium, Germany, Poland, Russia, Norway, France, the Netherlands, Switzerland, India, United States of America, Argentina, New Zealand, Italy, Ireland, Portugal, Bulgaria, Romania, Cyprus and Greece.

My print Earth and Sky (lino cut) 

Corona! Shut Down?

My video work isolate is part of the video project Corona! Shut Down?. The project  is integrated in NewMediaFest2020 as an active corporate part. Due to the Corona crisis, long-standing habits have no value any longer. The shut down is reducing social contacts to a minimum. How do people, how do artists deal with the unfamiliar situation of life?

Probably, the crisis is a wake-up call – to rethink and change!? As a corporate part of the festival, the videos released on the website are artistic contributions to these and other fundamental questions – about social coexistence, solidarity etc

Unrealized Projects

29.04.2020 – 29.05.2020

feldfünf e.V.

Fromet-und-Moses-Mendelssohn-Platz 7–8

10969 Berlin, Germany

Unrealized Projects remain unrecognized and stay invisible to the public while they offer great potentials. They can exist as sketches but could also show themselves in a great variety of forms. For Unrealized Projects artists sent their projects that couldn’t be realized due to Covid-19. From now on, these works can be seen as a poster exhibition at the project space window-gallery and on Instagram – some in new forms, as a sketch or idea.

With this project feldfünf would like to support the cultural activity in Berlin and send a signal against the current shutdown.

20 x 20 art on paper

20x20 art on paper exhibition.01.05.2020-16.05.2020 Christine X Art Gallery, Sliema, Malta.

It was planned as a normal gallery exposition but through the Corona Crisis it had to be postponed. (which still will be held at a later time). So the gallery created an online exhibition as well. Five works of mine from different nude portfolios will be presented in this exhibition 

QuAr (T) antine Performancekokkenet 

Performancekokkenet : QuAr(T)antine

During the last few weeks, the situation with the Covid-19 has been escalating to limits that we haven't experienced in our lives.Performance Køkkenet , Copenhagen, Denmark, invited artist around the world to participate in their call: QuAr(T)antine.

My performance video “Black“ with Alena Chernova was selected by Performance Kokkonet Copenhagen to be premiered online. Going live today 5th of April, from 18.00. Link:



Images of mine are publish in the most recent edition the March MASS with the theme of the month MATRIARCHY. The images are from the video works bare to you and me, Two Lovers and a photo work from the portfolio Shadow Woman 

Additional Website 

On 03/03/2020 I launched a new additional website beside my other websites. The new site focus more on my general photographic and digital printmaking works. The idea behind is to let come out these kind of works a bit more out the shadow of my other work which mainly makes up my oeuvre. The website shows images from my nude photography portfolios and from portfolios which focus on nature, urban and abstract motives. The website will initially be for one year online as a trial period for to see how things will develop. The new website also contains links to my two Online Shops 

Link to the launched website :

Hope is maybe 

Hope is maybe Touring exhibition “Hope is maybe”

01/03/2020 – 29/03/2020

Ev. Reglerskriche

Bahnhofsstrasse, Erfurt, Germany

Vernissage 01/03/2020

Mon-Fri: 16.30-18.30 h / Sat: 11.00 – 18.30 h / Sun: 14.30 h – 18.30 h

Curator Michael Härteis

Since 2108 is this exhibition touring through Germany.

HOPE IS MAYBE is an art project focusing on refugees subjects in the context of the diversity of hope. Hope is hardly to be defined. 


In conjunction with the artistic collective Semiosphera which promotes meetings and presentations with the itinerant pavilion IN ABSENTIA as part of The Wrong, Biennale of Art Digital (fourth edition)-

My video work ”Knife-Relation !” will be screened on 6th of February at the Cineporto Di Foggio , Via San Severo, KM 2,00, 71121 Foggia, Italy

A Touch of Eros in Tehran

A TOUCH OF EROS at Eye’s Walk Digital festival at Paadmaan Video Event - Tehran, Iran

10th of January 2020 at Back Box Art Center, Tehran, Iran

Even in a time of madness and threats, this festival takes place as an important sign, that there is still another world and society, therefore I feel honored that my video work A Touch of Eros  is among the works of four others excellent artists to be part the festival. Curators : Filia Milidaki, and Paadmaan Projects