Collaboration & Interdisciplinary Projects

Hybrid Works. In recent years,  collaborations with other artists in particular have developed into hybrid and interdisciplinary projects. Because of the  life situation and  art art career  work was created until now in different places and countries. These kind of artistic career of spending time in different cultures ultimately had a great impact on the vision and concepts as an artist. To be in motion, the curiosity to cross the boundaries, nowhere to feel at home and a certain restlessness became an important source of inspection. By these means the work developed since 2014 a strong interdisciplinary and collaborative approach. The disciplines and mediums include video, sound, photography, performance, installation (land art) and printmaking (linocut & digital).


Nowadays the art work addresses a heterogeneous public and often involves collaboration concepts. This in particular when a project takes place at a foreign location. These projects are seeking not only a collaboration with visual artits artists, but also from difference disciplines such as dancers, musicians, theatre groups, poets, pedagogues or students from art and film/ theatre academies. In certain performance projects an unaware audience became suddenly the collaborator