Collaboration & Interdisciplinary Projects

These projects include video works, performances, workshops, installation work and have been developed exclusively in cooperation


Among others, I have worked on several projects with the Taiwanese solo dancer Tsai Hsin-Ying (Silent Crossing Boundaries and Floating Worlds), which includes performance and video. Taiwanese performance artist Kao Yu-I also participated in the Crossing Boundaries Project.  Video works Surise Memories, Knife - Relation!, Sorrow and the photoseries Nighthawks among others were create  in conjunction with Silent Crossing Boundaries and Floating Worlds.

With Wiebke Kahn I created in Berlin a series of mainly video performances and the performance peel off. In the same city I worked together with Gabi Heinrich on different foto series.

The school project Here & Now / Here & Now I developed with graduate theater pedagogue Denise Dröge from Berlin. In St. Petersburg, Russia, I worked with the theater group DFT STAGE on the project Anticipating You.  The project include the videos Anticipating You , Night,Street,Lantern, Pharmacy and Love based on poems of Aleksandr Blok and Anna Akhmatova and images of urban St. Petersburg.

During the STARTAS festival I developed and created a performance version of Unfolding - Unwrapped with a number of students. It was similar with Respublika! in Nicosia, where I spontaneously created with the audience another performance variant of Unfolding - Unwrapped in the public space. The next pages show images and information about a selection of projects