Collaboration & Interdisciplinary Projects


The projects presented here revolve around three main axes: interdisciplinary, collaboration, intercultural.  It includes video, performance, photography and installation in most cases. They have been developed exclusively in collaboration with other artists, dancers, theatergroups, pedagogues and general audience from different culture backgrounds


Video parts 

Most of the video works  are short audio-visual essays that incorporate the moving image, musical elements and textual insertions. The laconic and almost wordless stories that develop on the screen are narrated by a traveler undertaking a life-long journey. They often combine cityscapes, studio shots and choreographic/theatrical scenes involving models and sometimes the artist himself. In many of the works one can feel a considerable influence of the Eastern cultural tradition. Several video works included footage from earlier works, which is connected to the ‘ongoing’ strategy of the artistic creation. This approach implies re-using materials from previous projects and producing new bodies of work based on re-arranging and re-thinking past experiences from a new perspective.  The subjects of the videos are the same as by the work from other disciplines: identity, relations (between humans, human – cultures, human- nature and locations), sexual issues,  transition, boundaries, lost, loneliness, inner strife, time, destruction, death. 


Performance parts 

Performance is probably one of the art forms that are most sensitive to the role that social interactions play and that they also mainly interpret as physical experiences. Moreover, the body, and its specific function within the medium of performance, is the domain in which the social comes alive and is present in a very visceral way. Performances and Installations can be seen as poetical compositions that transforms life in odd actions and living images. It’s not about presenting answers or concrete statements to social and politic subjects, but rather an offer activating the spectator to find their own interpretations or associations. At the center of my work is an encounter and exchange between people: a possibility to initiate alternative and bold thinking processes.