Dialogues Performance

Dialogues is also an ongoing project that includes video performances and documentation of live performances about the term “dialogues” in its broadest sense. The selection reflects different forms of dialogue. A dialogue between people, a silent dialogue without words, a dialogue with a building. The video performances and live performances are presented at festivals, exhibitions or are part of a hybrid project

Performance is probably one of the art forms that are most sensitive to the role that social interactions play and that they also mainly interpret as physical experiences. Moreover, the body, and its specific function within the medium of performance, is the domain in which the social comes alive and is present in a very visceral way. Performances and Installations can be seen as poetical compositions that transforms life in odd actions and living images. It’s not about presenting answers or concrete statements to social and politic subjects, but rather an offer activating the spectator to find their own interpretations or associations. At the center of my work is an encounter and exchange between people: a possibility to initiate alternative and bold thinking processes.


To conceive and understand it all

So loud the hours after the impact

when it was considered

To conceive and understand it all,

and it was so loud ,

That everything we thought

brought us nothing but emptiness

It was so loud and so lost here,

when silence sadness

began to lived with us







You Get...teG uoY

You Get So Alone At Times That It Just Makes Sense

The sentence belongs to a book of the same title by the American poet Charles Bukowski (1920-1994).

The work focus on an individual in a phase of being alone. In addition, the sentence has a strong autobiographical connection to my person. Being alone isn't always painful, but it can be complex and challenging. We may be in a period of longing for companionship andchange, but we also need to ask ourselves whether the process of longing and belonging to a social setting has begun or whether we end up intentionally avoiding all belonging and attachment to anyone.





Dialogue with a Building

IMAF 2022 International Multi-Art Festival September 9th - September 11th, 2022 Odzaci and Novi Sad, Serbia.

At the Old Motel, Odzaci, Serbia on September 9th, 2022

I did an “improvised performance” in this old, abandoned motel in Odzaci, Serbia. I had planned to perform my performance “Dialogue” first, which is based on a completely different concept. However, when I saw the building for the first time in the morning, I changed my idea and concept for my performance in the afternoon. For two reasons: firstly because of the possibilities the building offers and secondly because the live performance I originally planned would be very difficult to present in this building. Finally, I decided to enter into a dialogue with the building, as the creation of sounds and sounds would play a very important role.



Dialogue is my first solo live performance which used audio elements.  First performed on March 12, 2022 at Soro-SorO#1 at De Bouwput, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Curator Mariko Hori. Soro-sorO#1 was actually conceived as an experimental field. This performance is a hybrid work that also integrates sound and noise. Dialogue has several meanings at the same time. One of the meanings is based on personal experience. A) A dialogue that leads to no result B) A dialogue without content, ramblings without substance C) About the voices that I hear in my head and my hearing loss that sometimes prevents me from following a dialogue. Nevertheless, for me all three meanings are connected.




koud slova

With Meer and Kees de Vries (Utrecht, Netherlands). The video suggests that the conversation in the video is untranslatable and that it doesn't matter if you understand half of it or nothing at all. It's about the interaction itself. Words / Slova – are not that important. That's why you don't even need to understand the word word (Slova) itself. and that meaning comes not so much from the words themselves, but from a kind of “being” and interacting with one another, interpenetrating each other with waves of sound and action, and mentally exchanging our bodies to understand one another.

Text: Meer

Camera/Editing: Johannes C. Gerard

Performance: Meer and Kees de Fries

"koud" =  means cold in Dutch "slova" =  means word in Russian


peel off

In collaboration with Wiebke Kahn (Berlin, Germany). One pair, one onion. A silent metaphor about relationships, communication and the hidden interior and inner conflict. Layer by layer is removed. However, they made some connection with each other. For example, through verbal communication or through touch. Did they end up becoming even closer and do they feel like they're somehow connected to each other now that the last layer is gone?