A State of Bared - The naked Body

A State of Bared is a ongoing project. It focus on projects, photo series and performances, where the naked body plays an important role. The purposed is to underline the subjects of body awareness, the relationships with the social and natural environment around us and may-be  most importantly, the vulnerability of humans respectively about ourselves.  On view are the samples of a photo series, a performance and a video work 

Selection of video works related to the project

Experimental art video with Tsai Hsin-Ying  - Dark related to  - schadows, times, sides, secrets, heart, minds, inner strife, days, ghosts, past, present, future.  A body of the same person in two different states.Reflecting in a metaphoric manner schadows, secrets, inner strife, the ghosts of the past, present, future. The matters and issues which hunting and following us. 

Experimental video with Dafne van der Boon

Waves as red as blood, flickering lights, grass in the wind.

Woman by the sea-

Between the sea and the clouds wandering above in the sky

From the eastern shores to the western shores.

Between the southern shores and the northern shores.


Live and Video performance with Wiebke Kahn  - A couple, a onion.  A silent metaphor about relations, communication and the hidden insides and inner strife's. Layer for layer is peeled off However did they had any verbal communication  or came any closer at the end  after the last layer is gone ?

With Kao Yu-I. A metaphoric videopoem without spoken or written words. About the soul and body within the environ-ments we create and life in. Entangle in a curtain  of broken visions. A place, you know...that transcends time, space and visions of what you're supposed to resemble, and the limits placed by the digits of your mortal age.Whatever you decide to do, whatever you decide to see,  to feel, there are no restraints 


Naked State & COCOON 

Naked State Project - 07 August to 17 August 2018, Bare Oaks, East Gwillimbury, Ontario L0G 1V0, Canada - photos lensmosaic.ca

The aim of this 10-day residency project was to create artworks that explore the nude human body in context of nature, culture and art. For the duration of the residency, the artists creating works that explore questions such as: What is nudity? Does stripping away clothing rid us of class, gender, and personal expression?; During the residency I created the performance COCOON which includes a land art installation which plays a imprtant part within the performance . As well  I created sveral try outs for future projects 

The Metaphoric Seal 

A series of photos with Tsai Hsin-Ying about movement, space and isolation