There is currently a lot of discussion about how rural areas can be revitalized. An important point here is the question of how the creative scene can be integrated into the small towns and networked with one another. In order to counteract the politically precarious situation in East Saxony, the cultural revitalization of small cities is a major concern. This is exactly where the project begins.

It was the first time that music became an integral part of one of my performance projects. The entire project was carried out on an improvisational basis, with no long rehearsals or planning discussions. The installation Tor was also expanded for the performance and became an important part of the performance itself. In the end, my project for KODEKÜ included two live performances, three site-specific installations and a performance workshop for school children.

Performance and installation "Verbunden" in collaboration with cellist Ulrich Thiem (Dresden). The installation Tor was also integrated into the performance. Schillerpark 09/13/2020

Installation "Verbunden" for the Live Performance "Verbunden" 

Side specific installation "Tor", Schillerpark.

Side specific installation "Dialog / Dialogue", KAS (Altes Kino) 

Fragment Performance "Isoliert / Isolated" and Performance Workshop for school children 06.09.2019 und 09.09.2019 at KAS (Altes Kino)