Through my life situation I  lived and worked in different locations and countries. Among others, Germany, Ireland, Spain, The Netherlands, Argentinia, Australia, India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Myanmar, China, Taiwan, Russia and Armenia. This kind of life style and art career had at the end a great impact about my vision and concepts as an artist.  To be on the move, curiosity of crossing boundaries , nowhere feeling home and a certain restlessness became an important source of insperation. Themes in my work have a vision towards identity, relations (between humans and humans-environment) ,transition, boundaries, lost, loneliness, sexualy topics, inner strife, time, destruction, death. Accordingly I pay close intention to the candid subtle details within the environments we create or life in. My interpretations are at the end embedded experiments through changing observations and analysis of our visible and non visible environments and human behavior.




2018         Stay in Yerevan,Armenia. Creating the project Eriwan im März (Yerevan in March). A interdisciplinary and collaboration                        project about the city of Yerevan. The life performance part was developed with 5 students from the Theater and                                Cinematopgraphic Institute, Yerevan. At the same time experiment with a shorter version workshop/performance                                Unfolding - Unwrapped .as part of German langauge classes at Goethe Institut in Yerevan. The workshop/performance                        became part of three German langauge classes.Creating two new performances COCOON during Naked State Project and                    Connected- Not Connected. Performed at Naked State, Bare Oaks, Canada, F.N.A.F, Prague, CZ, IMAF 2018, Odzaci and                         Novi Sad, Serbia and Alte Bürger Art Festival, Bremerhaven, Germany  


 2017           Working in the disciplinces of Video Art, Art Photography, Installation Performance and printmaking (mainly digital)

                   Developes Here & Now further into Unfolding-Unwrapped a participatory performance and workshop built on social                           sculpture principes for a general  audience .

                   Premiere Unfolding-Unwrapped. at Museum of Non Conformist Art, St.Petersburg, Russia

                   Lectures series at Karachi University, Karachi School of Art, Iris University and Karachi Grammar School, Pakistan

2016           Developes with theater teacher Denise Dörge (Berlin, Germany) a social sculpture

                   workshop with the title Here & Now for schoolchildren. First conducted with different groups of school children in                             Berlin, Germany

                   Anticipating You Project in collaboration with theater group DFT STAGE, St.Petersburg, Russia.

                   Creates a series of performances with Wiebke Kahn (Berlin)

2015           Floating World Project with solo dancer Tsai Hsin-Ying at 435 Art Studio, New Taipei City, Taiwan

                   Stays in Dhaka and Narail, Bangladesh 

2014-2016  Photographs and collaborates with Gabi Heinrich (Berlin) on various photo series with absurd and macabre motives

2014           Return to Taiwan. Starts there with filming, video. Becomes interested in performance. Start to focus on                                               interculture,interdisciplinary collaboration projects. Silent Crossing Boundaries Project in collaboration with solo                                 dancer Tsai Hsin-Ying and performance artist Kao Yu-I at  Soulangh Culture Park, Tainan, Taiwan

2013            Works together with Hans Vernooij on X-Factor during Land Art Masstrich, Netherlands

2012            First video installations with still images. Stays in Hangzhou, China and Yangoon, Myanmar 

2011            Stays in Baroda, India. Series of lectures at various colleges around Baroda. Creation of a linocut series with the title                          Mumbai Taxi 

2010-Today Conducting Workshops and artist talks in the fields video, photography, Land Art and printmaking

2007            Drops painting and sculpting. Turns towards photography and installation.

1981-Today  Regular participation in exhibitions, projects, video and film festivals among others China,Taiwan, Japan, Malaysia,                              Myanmar, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Australia, UK, France, The Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Portugal, Spain,                                Greece, Serbia, Bosnia, Croatia, Romania, Bulgaria, Poland, Lithuania, Sweden, Austria, Italy, Malta, Turkey, Egypt,                                  Namibia, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Columbia, Mexico, Cuba, Canada,USA and Russia

1995            Melbourne, Austraila. Creates a series of linocuts at Austrialian Print Workshop.

1991-1997  Stays in Taipei, Taiwan (with one break in 1995). Getting strongly influenced by Far East culture and art 

1989            In Buenos Aires, Argentina 

1984-1989   Lives in Madrid, Spain,. Mainly doing painting and sculpting.

1981-2010  various teaching posts at schools and cultural centers in Dublin, Taipei and The Hague

1981-2007   Does painting, sculpture and printmaking,

1977- Today Lived and worked in Ireland, Spain, Argentina, Taiwan,Australia, India, China Russia. Currently lives in The Hague, The                         Netherlands and Berlin, Germany

1977- 1981  Dun Laoghaire School of Art and Design (today IADT), Dublin, Ireland, MFA in Sculpture and Printmaking

1975–1977  School of Print and Design, Cologne, Germany

1959             Born in Cologne, Germany