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Social Sculpture Workshop/Performance Unfolding / Unwrapped - My Art in Public Space / Here and Now (Hier und Jetzt) 


Social Sculpture Workshop / Performance Unfolding - Unwrapped

This is a interdisciplinary and participatory project called Unfolding - Unwrapped  based on the concept of Social Sculpture. It is a mix between workshop and performance 

Social sculpture is a phrase to describe an expanded concept of art that was advocated by the German conceptual artist Joseph Beuys (1921-1986), in the seventies  of the last century. Beuys created the term "social sculpture" to embody his understanding of art's potential to transform society. As a work of art, the social sculpture includes human activity that strives to structure and shape society or the environment. The central idea of a social sculptor is an person/artist who creates structures in society using language, thoughts, actions, and objects. Social Sculpture revolved around four main axes:

 body awareness, spatial awareness, performances and collaboration.

 The position of the body within the surrounding environment/location. The concept focus on the relations between the bodies to each other, movement, objects and surrounding space / environment. Participants will be engaged in physical movements and actions, changing roles, decision-making, exchange of ideas and interrogating performativity. Sculptural and textile materials will be introduced as working tools for creating communal body configurations. 


Performed until now : 

Workshop 17 September 2017 -  21 September 2017  /  Final performance 22 September  2017

Rokiskis Culture Center

Rokiskis, Lithuania

21 July 2017 

conjunction with WTAR Water Tower Art Festival & Residency.

21st July 2017, State Culture Institute „ISKUR“, Dzurba, Sofia, Bulgaria

15 March 2017

Museum of Non-Conformist Art, Pushkinskaya-10 Art Centre (Large hall) 

Entrance from Ligovsky prospect, 53 ( bld. C, 3rd fl.), St.Petersburg, Russia

Supported by Stroom, The Hague, Netherlands and Museum of Non-Conformist Art , St. Petersburg, Russia


My Art In Public Space  

Karachi, Pakistan 01.03.2017 - 03.03.2017

Lecture series about my art in connection with the public space. My artistic development, my experiences, what possibilities exist. The lecture series were hold in collaboration with non-profit organisation IAK - I AM KARACHI .The lecture series took place at :


01.03.2017 University of Karachi, Department of Visual Studies, Pakistan.

02.03.2017 Karachi Grammar School, Art and History Section, Karachi, Pakistan.

02.03.2017 Habib University, Design Department, Karachi, Pakistan.

03.03.2017 Karachi School of Art, Karachi, Pakistan

Supported by Stroom, The Hague, Netherlands and IAK - I AM KARACHI, Pakistan


Hier und Jetzt  - Here and Now 

The school and children 's project Here & Now was the starting point for the further developed workshop / performance Unfolding - Unwrapped

 The only difference is that  Here & Now is targeted and tailored as a project for pupils and children.

Mrs. Denise Dröge, (Berlin) diplom theater pedagogue and I have teamed up in 2016 for to developed an intercultural and interdisciplinary project  combining three art forms: Land Art / social sculpture, performance / video.

Keywords are limits, here and now. The art forms interact mutually with each other and influence each other in the process. All three parts of the project are related to the local environment (social, natural, urban). The project had as target group  children / young people who are new in Germany and children / young people who live already in Germany. However nowadays the workshop can be conducted in a much broader sense as school project in different countries.

Through previous projects in Germany, but also abroad in countries like Taiwan or Peru, we have a good working experience with children and young people from different cultural backgrounds. The project was implemented for the first time at the exhibition We See Heaven Upside Down in Villa Novilla in Berlin-Oberschöneweide (Germany). Participants were children and students from the student club Rabenhaus

Between September and December 2016 the project will be run with the student clubs / youth clubs Re-Mi-Li Kids and Check In, Berlin-Oberschöneweide

Supported by Bezirksamt (District Townhall) Berlin-Köpenick,Germany



I also give and organize  workshops for children, schools, students, adults, institutions or companies. The workshops covering in general Land Art, Installation, Photography , Video and Print Making and to a smaller extent painting and sculpting.  The concepts of the workshops are flexible what means every workshop is tailor made for the needs of each audience.

The images giving some impressions from the printing workshops at  D. C Patel School of Architecture & Interior Design , Vidyanagar, S.T.I.V. College, Dep. Of Architecture, Vadadora, India and  the workshops for Land Art for Elementary Schools at Soulangh Cultural Park, Tainan, Taiwan