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As an artist I am also active in the fields of social sculpture, performance, workshops, school projects and lectures 

In my work and projects, the boundaries are often fluid, for example, some workshops and school projects contain strong elements of performance, which can turn into collaborative work.

My work or projects in this area are based and reflect the concepts and ideas of social sculpture. The four basic elements of social sculpture are: body awareness, spatial awareness, creativity, cooperation

As those projects are very much related to education, social and political areas and not only to artistic aspects,I installed a another home page. will give more detailed information and a better overview about my activties and experience in these particulary fields  


Photos by Vlada Lodesk, Elena Midi, Olga Yegorova, Hazal Yogal, Saddam Siddqui, Kavita Shah, J.C Gérard

Social Sculpture -Workshop/Performance 

Workshops > Land Art, Printmaking, Video

Hier und Jetzt  - Here and Now  School Project