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Through my life situation I  lived and worked in different locations and countries. Among others, Germany, Ireland, Spain. The Netherlands, Argentina, Australia, India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Myanmar, China, Taiwan, Russia and Armenia. This kind of life style and art career had at the end a great impact about my vision and concepts as an artist.  To be on the move, curiosity of crossing boundaries , nowhere feeling home and a certain restlessness became an important source of inspiration. Themes in my work have a vision towards identity, relations (between humans and humans-environment) ,transition, boundaries, lost, loneliness, sexually topics, inner strife, time, destruction, death. Accordingly I pay close intention to the candid subtle details within the environments we create or life in. My interpretations are at the end embedded experiments through changing observations and analysis of our visible and non visible environments and human behavior.


Biography :

Born in Cologne, Germany 1959.

Studied at School of Printmaking and Design , Cologne, Germany from 1975-1987and at Dun Laogharie School of Art and Design, (IADT) Dublin, Ireland from 1977-1981.


Until today lived and worked in different countries in Europe, Far East, North and South Americas, West Africa and Australia

Since 1981regularly participations in exhibitions, projects, video and film festivals including Taiwan, China, Japan, Malaysia, Myanmar, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Australia, UK, Ireland, France, the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Portugal, Spain, Greece, Serbia, Bosnia, Croatia, Romania, Bulgaria, Poland, Lithuania, Norway, Sweden, Austria, Italy, Malta, Cyprus, Turkey, Egypt, Namibia, Ghana, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Cuba, Canada, USA, Kyrgyzstan, Armenia and Russia


After finishing study work mainly in the disciplines of sculting, painting and printmaking. in 2007 abruptly stopped with painting and sculpting. In the same year created first Land Art and installations objects. 2010-2014 strong focus on photography.


Throught the collaboration in 2014 with dancer Tsai Hsin-Ying (Kaohsiung, Taiwan) and performance artist Kao Yi (Tainan,Taiwan)during the "Silent Crossing Border" project at Soulangh Culture Park in Tainan, Taiwan starts contucting first video films and performance pieces. From that year and this project on his work and artistic visions start to focus on interdisciplinary, multi media and collaboration projects.


Since that time collaboration projects with artists from different culture backgrounds and disciplines were regulary implemented. Among others the “Anticipating You” project with theater group DFT Stage in St. Petersburg, Russia (2016). In 2018 the project "Yerevan in March" with studens from the Cinematographic and Theater Institute in Yerevan, Armenia. In 2021 he conducted with Eric Kofi (Kumasi, Ghana) the performance project “I can not see-Stay behind” in conjunction with pIAR in Kumasi, Ghana. Followed in November 2021 by the STOP LOOK GO project with flutist Yahoo Acharay (Baktapur,Nepal) at the Mandala Theater, Kathmandu, Nepal.


Beside his visual art work he became interested in Social Sculpture Principles. This was partly influence through his work as art docent at educational institutes in Ireland, Taiwan, Netherlands and Germany. Therefor in 2016 he created in collaboration with theater pedagogue Denise Dröge(Berlin, D), a Social Sculpture Workshop for children. Which in 2017 he developed further into a Social Sculpture Workshop for students and adults at the Pushkinskya10 Culture Center in St. Petersburg, Russia. Both workshops are regularly worldwide conducted. The most recent workshop took place in December 2022 at Casa Colombo Alemana (Goethe Institute), Cartagena, Colombia.


The lastest development within his work and projects was to start and to experiment with the medium sound. In 2022 he participated at the sound project “Autistic Interiors” in The Hague, Netherlands implemented by the German sound artist Anne Wellmer. Since then he created various sound pieces which were published and performed in 2022 in Germany, Canada, Croatia and Italy

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