Projects Europe

Anticipating You

Art center "Pushkinskaya-10", and Theater STAGE DFT, St. Petersburg, Russia

In St. Petersburg, I worked on a video and photo project that included a metaphorical research about the city. The project was created in collaboration with the theater group STAGE DFT in their theater. The titles "Anticipating You" and "Night, Street, Streetlight, Drugstore" provide a link to the poems of Alexander Blok, together with the poem "Love" by Anna Akhamatova. The poems became the basis for a series of video works which at the same time are a visual interpretation the city of St. Petersburg  Both poets lived or lived temporarily in St. Petersburg.


Unfolding - Unwrapped

Unfolding-Unwrapped has been transformed into a stand-alone performance version during various implementations (STARTAS, Roskiskis, Lithuania and Respublika! Nicosia, Cyprus) with the participation of students and audience in public space.


With Wiebke Kahn (Berlin) I have created a series of performace related to identity, relationships and gender