Theme : Body 

December 28th, 2020 - March 28th, 2021


ZEST Hall — Round Lemon

Zest Hall is a gallery project by Round Lemon.

The purpose of this show is to make a selection of artists from all around the world that associates their practice with the exploration of the human body, including artworks that investigate sexuality, gender, identity, objectification, abjection, nature, body art, and traditions - the body as material, etc.

A work from my series "I Can Not See" is included in the exhibition

“Súbete el Cierre -arte y acción-“ - Masculinities -commands and diversities-

This project is an initiative of The Master's degreeon Managment and Cultural Development at Universidad de Guadalajara (Mexico) with the participation of the magazine Memorias de Nómada (Mérida,Yuc.) and the virtual gallery Historias a través de tus ojos of the magazine Fotografía en Movimiento (Cdmx). The objective is to recognize and foster the work and art pieces, that through the glass invite to reflect around the creation of masculinities, the truths, and myths. To believe in the power of the images to state an inquiry to the toxic masculinity, its places of domain and violence to others, female and male.

The exhibition will have two categories:

Virtual method: appear on the social media of the project “Súbete el Cierre -arte y acción-“, on the virtual magazine Memorias de Nómada and on the virtual gallery "Historia a través de tus ojos" of the magazine Fotografía en Movimiento. The virtual opening is on the 21st of November via ZOOM platform at 17.00 h Mexico City time (only in Spanish) On-site method: The art work will be part of an exhibition to be presented in Spring 2021 in Guadalajara and Mexico CityTwo photo works from my portfolio “I can not see” are part of the project  

BINNAR 2020 - Festival Internacional de Artes -

BINNAR 2020 – Festival Internacional de Artes - 5-27 Nov 2020, Vila Nova de Famalicão, Portugal

A selection of my photographic work is represented at this collective photo exhibition during the festival



10-27 Nov 2020 // CASA -MUSEU SOLEDADE MALVAR, Avenida 25 de Abril, 104, 4760-101 Vila Nova de Famalicão

Open: Tuesday - Friday:10:00 am to 01:00 pm – 02:00 pm to 05:30 pm, Closed on Mondays, Weekends and holidays. Free Admission


Collective with Joana Moher + David Nero (Glandulas Syntax), Fátima Abreu Ferreira, Johannes Gerard and Frederico Dinis.

Even the theme was launched before the pandemic, the challenge was the words to be broken up and readjusted, for to be come a source of inspiration. Reflections on the world, among the that frees us and condemns us, is a kind of motto foreboding of what our lives go through. And we say not only of our lives in the collective, but also from the perspective of personal struggle within the world that is presented. In this exhibition, in addition it celebrates the return of some artists present throughout the other editions of the festival and in others contexts.

"bared " nude calendar 2021 

The motifs of this calendar all belong to my ongoing project "A State of Bared". This project focuses on topics related to the naked human body. The motifs tend more towards the classic nudes

The edition of the calendar includes 50 calendars (numbered and signed). The text of the calendar is in English. The calendar contains 14 pages (title, 12 months and 1 information / back).

The calendar has a size of 29.7 x 21 cm (A4) and is printed on 170 g paper. Postage / shipping costs are already included in the price. The delivery time is 3-15 days. Depending on the destination and the corona restrictions.


The calendar can be purchased through my Etsy shops. Price € 15.50 including postage.


BIDEODROMO 06 October 2020 – 22 October 2020 - Bilbao, Euskadi, Spain - Different venues inside Bilbao

My video work V like Venus was selected for this years festival

BIDEODROMO is an international festival, open to experimental films of all kinds. Documentary, narrative, animation, video art and other genres are welcome. BIDEODROMO has the aim of being the node in the Basque Country for an international network of experimental film and video. The intention is to promote meeting, learning and cultural exchange through cinema. 

Aktionsraum 2  - Action Space 2 - at Kunstverein Ebersberg

Performance "Ablösen (peel off)" with Tanja Wilking , 2nd and 3rd October 2020

"Performance Isolate (isoliert)" 2nd and 3rd October 2020

Photos Performances Peter Kees

Still images videos > “Whither goest thou", “koud slova” and “conecta - no conecta” Opening 25th of September 2020

Aktionsraum 2 at art association Ebersberger Kunstverein 

 25th of September (opening) - 4th of October 2020

Galerie “Alte Brennerei” im Klosterbauhof 6,  85560 Ebersberg (near Munich) Bavaria, Germany

Curator Peter Kees

At the opening evening on 25th September there was a video programm. Three video works of mine were screened. "Whither goest thou “, “koud slova” and “conecta – no conecta”

On the 2nd and 3rd of October 2020 I conducted two performances “Ablösen” and “Isoliert”

“Ablösen” was conducted in collaboration with Tanja Wilking (Rodinmuse), Munich and is a revised version of my live and video performance "peel off"

The work deals with a couple and one onion. A metaphor about relationships, communication and internal strife

“Isoliert” (isolate) is a solo performance and deals with the subjects of distance, isolation, body. In the context of our environments that we create or in which we live.

My project was supported by Stroom, The Hague, NL 


KURZstummfilmfestival! - SHORT silent film festival!

KURZstummfilmfestival! - SHORT silent film festival!

On September 26, 2020, the film festival with all selected 19 films and the award ceremony will take place at

Zeche Carl , Wilhelm Nieswandt-Alle 100,45326 Essen, Germany from 3 p.m. - 20 pm. live on site.

This year theme is “ 5 “

Beside the live event the selected films are published on YouTube since September 22, 2020.

My work “Fünf Uhr nachmittags” with Svetlana Rieske is one of the 19 selected films 


Kodekü - (Kollision der Künste) - Collision of the Arts, Bischofswerda, Germany , 03.09.-13.09.20

I was taking part in this 10-day art project in which artists from various disciplines and international origins come together, live and work in

There is currently a lot of discussion about how it is possible to revitalize rural regions. An important point here is the question of how the creative scene can be drawn into the small town and networked with one another. In order to counteract the politically precarious situation in the east of Saxony, Germany the cultural revitalization of small cities is an essential concern. This is exactly where our project starts. Between 03.09.2020 and 13.09.2020 I created two side specific installations . "Dialogue" which is a in room installation at the KAS, Altes Kino and "Tor" a Land Art installations in the Schillerpark. 

Furthermore I gave a variation of  performance isolate on 06.09.20 and a performance workshop on 10.09.20 at KAS for school children. Finally followed by the connected-not connected"  performance at Schillerpark. This performance was in collaboration with Ulrich Thiem who escorted  the performance with his cello. The Land Art installation Tor was integrated in the performance 

Cleaning rags

"Cleaning rags"

- an international Mail Art exhibition

September 6th - October 11th, 2020

Mail Art exhibition with international and regional participation in the gallery ART FACTORY FLOX of the art initiative "Im Friese" e.V. Friesestraße 31 in 02681 Schirgiswalde-Kirschau.


The opening will take place on September 6th at 4:00 p.m. with a sound video performance by Balog & Schweiger (SARDH) Dresden.

The exhibition is open from September 6th to October 11th on Sundays from 2pm to 6pm.

194 artists from 40 countries and 20 student works from the Wilhten Pumphut Primary School participate with works on, by and with cleaning rags


“Curated” by Social Networks

An project by Beam Collective, Tel Aviv, Israel in protest of censorship of Human Body in Social Networks,

29th of August 2020 – 03th of October 2020 

Five works of mine which were censored "curated" on social media platforms such as Facebook and You Tube are include in the project/exhibition, For the last decade, different Social Networks became the main platforms for artists to promote and sell their works, yet, a huge group of the artists is ostracized and denied access to those platforms. 

The policies are absurd and reflect views that are better suited to the XIX than XXI century. The artworks removed by the Social Networks are the images that hang freely in the museums and galleries and presented in numerous exhibitions and shows without any controversy. “Neo Victorianism” conservative movements attempt to redefine the line between pornography and art with desire to define any image of human body as pornographic.

Geumgang Nature Art Biennale 2020

Geumgang Nature Art Biennale 2020   -   29th of August 2020 – 30th November 2020

Yeonmisan Nature Art Park, Geumgang International Nature Art Center

98 Yeonmisan Gogae-gil, Wooseong-myeon, Gongju-si, Chungcheongnam-do, Korea


A one minute version of my performance video COCOON was selected for the section video art

Through various forms of nature art, the Geumgang Nature Art Biennale aims to look for the aesthetics of human and nature's harmonizing coexistence call for work pieces for the Nature Art Video Exhibition. This Nature Art Video Exhibition as a special exhibition of the biennale will take place along with the main exhibition, ‘Neomixed Era’.


SHIFT_IBPCPA : 26/08/2020_21:00-22:00 (UK time) 22:00-23:00 (Central European Time) 



The first [SHIFT:ibpcpa] Biennale takes place at the nomadic Wall Space Gallery in an innovative and fully livestreamed mode on Periscope @SHIFT_ibpcpa. Intermedia artist, Ayshia Taskin, curates the Biennale show for [Place/Space/Meaning] and brings together an extraordinary array of twenty international performance artists working with unique collaborative and participatory styles from dance to Bio Art. [SHIFT:ibpcpa] focuses on fine-art performance with participatory and collaborative elements and invites the participating artists, and viewers, to question what is collaboration and participation in performance art? Do participation and collaboration only exist when human-centric or can the practices include other living creatures or even inanimate objects? How does place and space add meaning to the experience? How will collaborative and participatory art practices change now that there is a global pandemic requiring people to keep a social distance? Will there be such a thing as spatial memories soon? How will the lockdown affect what space and place can be? How will human interaction alter in this new reality?




20 August 2020 – 26 September 2020

Muzej Kozare, (Museum of Kozara)

Nikole Pašića bb, 79101 Prijedor, Republic of Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina


My work ZEN XV Linocut on Japanese paper was selected for the biennial.

About the work:

This print belong to a small linocut series called Black Zen Matter. The motif shows strong Far Eastern influences and thoughts which are a direct result of my life and work periods in Taiwan and China During my times in the Far Eastern region my prints and works under went a metamorphosis from colourful figurative works to abstract, minimal art works with the limited use of colours.

”Return” Video Art Exhibition | معرض عودة للفيديو آرت

”Return” Video Art Exhibition | معرض عودة للفيديو آرت

Thursday, 20 Aug 2020 - Friday, 21 Aug 2020 - Video Art Forum, Dammam, Saudi Arabia

Subject of the video exhibition is a return and back... to life in a wide sense. 

One of my most recent video’s return...back...return with Hung Yu-Li, 3:04 min, 2020 is part of the video exhibition 

The work goes about return and to be back to a point or situation and how it can affect us in our lonely inner strife . Did we come voluntary or we were forced to be back .It's the same or did things changed and nothing is as before. Or just trying to pick up life and restart again, maybe even better.

SASCA YouTube | The Culture and Arts Association channel in Dammam جمعية الثقافة والفنون بالدمام SASCA_DMM

DA ! Art-Award and exhibition 

DA ! Art-Award and exhibition - Düsseldorf's secular art award

16.08.2020 – 23.08.20 / opening 15.08.2020 , 18 h.

Stadtmuseum Düsseldorf, Tue-Sun 11-18 h, Berger Allee 2, 40213 Düsseldorf, Germany

The DA ! Art Award is presented every two years by the Düsseldorf Reconnaissance Service under a changing theme. The wants to inspire artists to take a critical look at religion and irrationalism. The nominated works will be presented to the public in a one-week exhibition in the Düsseldorf City Museum. Topic in 2020: ... does not work beyond the placebo effects

My work Enthüllungen (Revalations) Photo on Dibond

Made in Mind II

20 July 2020,  5 pm  (Nepal Time) / Mcube Gallery, Kathmandu, Nepal 

Made in mind is the invention of human dignity, human disparity, human perceptions and human nature. It is to bring all the different norms, values and expressions into one forum, to share artists’ expressive ideologies. 

About my video “Black” A short metaphoric piece. It’s about death, isolation and the separation from life. As well a metaphor about the virus crisis situation nowadays humans and world is struggling with. How vulnerable we are and how related is everything between humans and their social and natural environments. 

About my video VIEW A journey, but not to faraway shores and horizons. It is more about a very profane and daily journey. Finally it goes about feelings, situations, encounters and relation between humans in a metropolis



My video work "isolate" is part of Seven Memorials for Humanity, which was curated specifically for TAM by Wilfried Agricola De Cologne. “isolate:” is presented in the first program in the series Corona! – Shut Down? from 18th July to 24th 2020. It is a presentation of videos that address our current Corona situation. The variety of the international works goes from thoughtful, melancholic, from contemplative and complex

Xposed - Naked and Not Afraid

My photographic work By the Lake  from the A State of Bared portfolio is presented in the exhibition 


“Xposed - Naked and Not Afraid”.

04.07.2020 – 25.07.2020

Knox Contemporary Gallery of Art

B03-Main Hall, Eau Claire Market, Barclay Parade, Calgary, Alberta, Canada


The Knox Contemporary Gallery of Art has brought together an eclectic array of contemporary art from artists around the world that Celebrates And Explores The Human Figure, Sexuality & Identity in it’s exhibition “Xposed - Naked and Not Afraid”.

OMVA 2020 One Minute Video Art 

My video work BLACK with Alena Chernova is included at

OMVA 2020 One Minute Video Art by Artpro – art initiative - 15.06.2020 – 30.06.2020, Dhaka, Bangladesh

The video exhibition wishes to raise questions on how the lockdown is being perceived and how has Covid-19 affected life, not only for humans but for the whole planet. The pandemic has restricted people’s freedoms and forced strict social distancing rules around the globe and has highlighted many issues that have long gone ignored. People and countries in the most precarious positions have been the first to suffer from these restrictions and ongoing socio-economic inequalities are at the heart of this issue. Nevertheless, the world is also in reverse, people are in lockdown, while many animals are venturing back into the spaces that were once theirs, pollution is at an all-time low and earth is taking a breath of fresh air.

ARt in CORONA times 

Curated by 60 seconds Festival/ Ada Ortega Camera. The videos are selected from 60 Seconds Festival entrances, collaborations and other projects. My video COCOON II is part of the video series. Beside an online presentation the epidemic video series will be projected on a daily basis at :

Biblioteket Frederiksberg, Falkoner Plads 3, 2000 Frederiksberg, Denmark / 29.05.20 – 30.06.20  / 10.00 h – 13.00 h daily



29.05.2020 – 20.06.2020


Argyroupoleos 16, Lycabettus , Athens , Greece

Mon, Thu, Fri, 17.00 – 21.00 / Sat. 11.00 – 15.00


HERBARIUM exhibited 59 visual artists with print works of various techniques from countries such as Turkey, Belgium, Germany, Poland, Russia, Norway, France, the Netherlands, Switzerland, India, United States of America, Argentina, New Zealand, Italy, Ireland, Portugal, Bulgaria, Romania, Cyprus and Greece.

My print Earth and Sky (lino cut) 

Corona! Shut Down?

My video work isolate is part of the video project Corona! Shut Down?. The project  is integrated in NewMediaFest2020 as an active corporate part. Due to the Corona crisis, long-standing habits have no value any longer. The shut down is reducing social contacts to a minimum. How do people, how do artists deal with the unfamiliar situation of life?

Probably, the crisis is a wake-up call – to rethink and change!? As a corporate part of the festival, the videos released on the website are artistic contributions to these and other fundamental questions – about social coexistence, solidarity etc

Unrealized Projects

29.04.2020 – 29.05.2020

feldfünf e.V.

Fromet-und-Moses-Mendelssohn-Platz 7–8

10969 Berlin, Germany

Unrealized Projects remain unrecognized and stay invisible to the public while they offer great potentials. They can exist as sketches but could also show themselves in a great variety of forms. For Unrealized Projects artists sent their projects that couldn’t be realized due to Covid-19. From now on, these works can be seen as a poster exhibition at the project space window-gallery and on Instagram – some in new forms, as a sketch or idea.

With this project feldfünf would like to support the cultural activity in Berlin and send a signal against the current shutdown.

20 x 20 art on paper

20x20 art on paper exhibition.01.05.2020-16.05.2020 Christine X Art Gallery, Sliema, Malta.

It was planned as a normal gallery exposition but through the Corona Crisis it had to be postponed. (which still will be held at a later time). So the gallery created an online exhibition as well. Five works of mine from different nude portfolios will be presented in this exhibition 

QuAr (T) antine Performancekokkenet 

Performancekokkenet : QuAr(T)antine

During the last few weeks, the situation with the Covid-19 has been escalating to limits that we haven't experienced in our lives.Performance Køkkenet , Copenhagen, Denmark, invited artist around the world to participate in their call: QuAr(T)antine.

My performance video “Black“ with Alena Chernova was selected by Performance Kokkonet Copenhagen to be premiered online. Going live today 5th of April, from 18.00. Link:



Images of mine are publish in the most recent edition the March MASS with the theme of the month MATRIARCHY. The images are from the video works bare to you and me, Two Lovers and a photo work from the portfolio Shadow Woman 

Additional Website 

On 03/03/2020 I launched a new additional website beside my other websites. The new site focus more on my general photographic and digital printmaking works. The idea behind is to let come out these kind of works a bit more out the shadow of my other work which mainly makes up my oeuvre. The website shows images from my nude photography portfolios and from portfolios which focus on nature, urban and abstract motives. The website will initially be for one year online as a trial period for to see how things will develop. The new website also contains links to my two Online Shops 

Link to the launched website :

Hope is maybe 

Hope is maybe Touring exhibition “Hope is maybe”

01/03/2020 – 29/03/2020

Ev. Reglerskriche

Bahnhofsstrasse, Erfurt, Germany

Vernissage 01/03/2020

Mon-Fri: 16.30-18.30 h / Sat: 11.00 – 18.30 h / Sun: 14.30 h – 18.30 h

Curator Michael Härteis

Since 2108 is this exhibition touring through Germany.

HOPE IS MAYBE is an art project focusing on refugees subjects in the context of the diversity of hope. Hope is hardly to be defined. 


In conjunction with the artistic collective Semiosphera which promotes meetings and presentations with the itinerant pavilion IN ABSENTIA as part of The Wrong, Biennale of Art Digital (fourth edition)-

My video work ”Knife-Relation !” will be screened on 6th of February at the Cineporto Di Foggio , Via San Severo, KM 2,00, 71121 Foggia, Italy

A Touch of Eros in Tehran

A TOUCH OF EROS at Eye’s Walk Digital festival at Paadmaan Video Event - Tehran, Iran

10th of January 2020 at Back Box Art Center, Tehran, Iran

Even in a time of madness and threats, this festival takes place as an important sign, that there is still another world and society, therefore I feel honored that my video work A Touch of Eros  is among the works of four others excellent artists to be part the festival. Curators : Filia Milidaki, and Paadmaan Projects