Buddhist Art Meditations

Three graphic works of mine are published in The Buddhist Art Meditations (BAM) Journal (The Inaugural Issue 2022. Issue One May 2022, Singapore)

BAM (Buddhist art meditations) is an journal for exchanging ideas on connections between creative and Buddhist practice. It mainly showcases original, personal, creative interpretations of “Buddhist Art”.

Of all the major world religions, I have dealt with the philosophy of Zen Buddhism the most. Partly this was due to my years of living in the Far East. To this day, this has influenced my artistic visions, partly consciously and partly unconsciously

train journey 

train journey arrives at Albuquerque.

My video work “train journey” with Martin Toloko, Marlene G. Prinz, Amudzi Mawuenya and Sammy will be presented at :


May 9-23, 2022

Albuquerque, NM, USA  

Festival Director: Bryan Konefsky

View behind the Curtain

“ View behind the curtain” a collaboration project with dancer Jana Schmück (Bautzen, Germany) will be present at :

10th Rockville Arts Festival

May 7- 8, 2022

VisArts Center Rockville , Rockville Town Square, Rockville , MA, USA

The work will be shown in the program section Turmoil & Error Peace Letters to Ukraine, CINEMA U8 of the Arts Festival, Cinema U8. Curator Wilfried Agricola de Cologne.

This video program documenting the networked collaboration between artists, curators and institutions is created in solidarity for the Ukraine. The video program is presented in collaboration with VisArts Center Rockville (MA)

“ View behind the Curtain” (The Ashes of Eden Project) is a collaboration project with dancer Jana Schmück (Bautzen, Germany). The project has so far included several video works. The aim of the project is to show a shared cultural experience shaped by the social and political conditions and the environment. “View behind the Curtain” is the 3rd segment of the Ashes of Eden Project 

SEAF - Seattle Erotic Art Festival / The Pan Eros Film Festival

My work “ Broken Naked Wall” with solo dancer Tsai Hsin-Ying will be presented at SEAF - Seattle Erotic Art Festival / The Pan Eros Film Festival

April, 29 – May 1, 2022


SIFF Film Center in the Seattle Center Exhibition Hall, 301 Mercer Street (at 3rd Ave N.) Seattle, WA 98109, USA

The Pan Eros Film Festival will run concurrently at the SIFF Film Center in the Seattle Center on April 29 – May 1,2022

The work focuses on dance and performance movements using a wall as a stage set. It’s a work based on improvisation of body movements and the surrounding space.

Healing - Listening to a Brave New World  

Healing - Listening to a Brave New World

A selection of 49 sound and audiovisual works presented by MediSouP in Cyprus(concert), Spain and Turkey (audio-visual)

My work “The Healing “ is part of

Video Works screening April 21, 2022

Istanbul Cinema Museum (Atlas) , 14.00-19.00 h TRT, Istanbul , Turkey

Centro Negra, AADK SP Blanca, from 20.00 h CEST onward Murcia, Spain

MediSouP brings together a selection of sound and audio-visual works from the Mediterranean and all over the world , presenting ways in which image and sound formulate the transcultural understanding of our present condition on damaged planet.

Curators : Juliana Espana Keller / Nicos Synnos / Neval Tarim  


My video work “ return – back – return “ with Hung Yu-Li will be screened at 


Sat April 2, 4pm - 9:30pm

Taos Center for the Arts 145 Paseo del Pueblo Norte, Taos, NM, USA

Short films, documentary, animation, experimental works by over 50 filmmakers and creatives from Taos and beyond. Open Screen is about sharing projects with each other in a supportive public forum.

S o r o - s o r O #1

S o r o - s o r O #1 - a Weekend of Indefinite Performance


Curator Mariko Hori . On 12th of March I performed DIALOGUE my latest solo and live performance. This performance is a hybrid work because it also integrates sound and noise. The performance deals with the topic of dialogue in the context of . A) A dialogue that leads to no result B) A dialogue without content, ramblings without substance C) About the voices that I hear in my head


Two video works from my ongoing A State of Bared project where screened at EROS project at the culture center

"Stowarzyszenie WL4 Przestrzeń Sztuki w Budynku Mleczny Piotr “ (Association WL4 Space of Art in the Milk Piotr Building)

EROS Exhibition

22.01.2022 - 27.02.2022

"Stowarzyszenie WL4 - PRZESTRZEŃ SZTUKI",

MLECZNY PIOTR, Stocznia Cesarska, Gdańsk, Poland

The works were “ bared to you and me” with Wiebke Kahn and “Dark” with Tsai Hsin-Ying

Acoustic Interiors

Between January 17th and 21st, 2022, I took part in the Acoustic Interiors project that was actually outside of the medium I work with...sound. Of course, when you work on video, it also affects the sound. But I've never really dealt with sound as an individual medium. This was partly due to my hearing loss. The project is based at two locations in the old building Royal Conservatoire and Amare the new culture center of The Hague. I focused on the old Royal Conservatoire building during January 2022 The initiator is NEW EMERGENCES and the curator is the sounds artist Mrs Anne Wellmer.

In the course of the year the project will be pursued further with events, among project presentations.

Link sound extracts from my project portfolio :

Link Project information in general :

4th. Festival Internacional de Performance Art de Santa Cruz de la Sierra, LATITUDES HYBRIDAS.

The video art version of my performance “I can not see – Stay behind” which I conducted in collaboration with Eric Kofi (Kumasi, Ghana) in Kumasi, Ghana was screened at : 4th. Festival Internacional de Performance Art de Santa Cruz de la Sierra, LATITUDES HYBRIDAS.

The International Performance Art Festival took place from January 19 to 23, 2022 in the city of Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia. Under the curatorial direction of well known artist and curator, Hector Canonge, the festival is presented by the platforms Performance Art Bolivia, PABA, and Arterial Performance Lab, APLAB. 

Postcards from Europe


12 January – 25 February 2022

Art at the ARB, University of Cambridge,

Alison Richard Building, 7 West Road, Cambridge CB3 9DT, UK

9am – 7pm, Monday – Friday. Closed weekends.

On 12 January 2022 POSTCARDS FROM EUROPE will open at Cambridge University, showcasing several hundred photographic images from across the continent. In a significant time in history this exhibition sets out to share aspects of European culture, spanning all genres of photography, and collating images which include social, political, historical, traditional and observational responses.